Juan Bobo Stories

scupture by Lindsay Daen

Juan Bobo is the trickster character in Puerto Rican folklore and oral tradition. He is part of a much bigger tradition that spans several cultures. Many of the specific tales involving Juan Bobo have nearly identical plot points in stories from India, China, Turkey, and traditions in Africa and North America. Bobo is a name that implies stupidity or oaf-like behavior. In some stories, he is just ignorant and the object of ridicule, in others, he is niave but somehow his stupidity points to a hidden virtue or helpful way to approach life. Some of the stories have clear morals that suggest how people should live, but all of the stories are meant to be funny and point out something about the beliefs of the people in the them and the society in which they live.

Below are some links to stories about Juan Bobo. Read them and find one you would like to adapt to modern times and the place you live. After you have a storyboard drawn up or written out, take digital pictures of your retelling of the story and put them on either a power point presentation slide show, I photo gallery slide show, or comic life document.

Here are the links to some Juan Bobo stories.

Juan Bobo and the Robbers

Juan Bobo's Pig

Juan Bobo and the Cooking Pot

Juan Bobo and the Riddling Princess